CableCARD Activation Hotlines/Websites

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Re: CableCARD Activation Hotlines/Websites

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Spectrum cablecard support direct number: 866-532-2598

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Re: CableCARD Activation Hotlines/Websites

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For Wide Open West... aka WOW!
Ph# 800-848-2278 or 866-4WOWNOW. They take you to the same phone tree.

Things you'll need besides good luck in getting the right person who knows how to do this.
1) Host ID and CableCard Serial Number from CableCARD Menu -> CableCARD/Host ID Screen of your HDHomeRun Prime device web.
2) Make sure they register it in the billing system as well as the device section of your account.
3) Make sure they "Balance" your profile so you'll get all your channels.

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