dvb-s2 version for Europe

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dvb-s2 version for Europe

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I LOVE my HDHomeRun and use it for watching a lot of sport in Ireland using the Channels App and that combo is absolutely fantastic, especially being able to rewind the action to be able to see something that happened earlier.

The problem I have is that Ireland has a limited number of channels and there's a lot more completely legal free to air channels available via DVB-S2 Satellite, including ITV and BBC which play Sport and other shows we enjoy, but as I watch almost all of my TV on the Apple TV I only watch whatever is available on the Channels App which is the few Irish channels.

Is there any chance that there will be a DVB-S2/Satellite version of the HDHomeRun in the future?

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Re: dvb-s2 version for Europe

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Seconding this!
I already have a DVB-T2 HDHomerun, but my satellite reception is better than terrestrial - so would love a DVB-S2 version.

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