Flex Quatro HDFX-4US USB or PoE Power?

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Flex Quatro HDFX-4US USB or PoE Power?

Post by historyvids »

Let me preface this by saying I'm sure this is going to be considered totally unsupported officially, but I wondered if anyone had any experience using either POE converters or 5V USB to 12 V DC step up converters to power the Flex Quatro HDFX-4US models?

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Re: Flex Quatro HDFX-4US USB or PoE Power?

Post by signcarver »

People have done such but keep in mind that probably the biggest cause of problems have been power supply related as it needs good clean power with very low ripple/noise... (often after a few years you may find yourself replacing power supply). Usually with USB power adapters you will not get that clean output (in the past prior to flex, most devices were run at 5V... extend was the main exception) and I haven't really had a chance to look at the 5-12V converter outputs which may also depend on the initial 5V output. POE adapters usually work fine but I would tend to also make sure any drive attached to flex is powered just to minimize the demands a bit.

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Re: Flex Quatro HDFX-4US USB or PoE Power?

Post by EddieP »

I am also looking for a POE splitter that words with the HDHR5-4US ,HDHR5-4K ans HDVR-4US-1TB ... I do not have any Power in the area I want to move them to but have ethernet.

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