Super Bowl in 4K HDR

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Re: Super Bowl in 4K HDR

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Oklahoma City was one of the first markets to have ATSC 3.0 available, but the CBS affiliate, KWTV, does not have a 3.0 transmission running, so no one got to watch the game that way. The NBC and ABC affiliates both have ATSC 3.0 feeds but both are encrypted. The Fox affiliate and one other independent station do not encrypt their signals. I have little hope that my HD HomeRun tuner will ever be able to receive any encrypted signal as no progress has been made thus far, so I won't bother trying to receive them any more.

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Re: Super Bowl in 4K HDR

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DSperber wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 11:12 pm
Cabal wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 12:47 pmAlas, I didn't contribute to the SD transcoder stats, because my RockTek G2 (SEI804/Homatics/etc) natively transcodes AC-4 to E-AC-3 (DD+). Not really "alas", I guess.
You know, I actually prefer the way my ZB M1 (also with local built-in AC4 decoding, like the G2) deals with Ac4 when you "pass through" audio out over HDMI.

It sends out "already decoded discrete channel 5.1 LPCM" to the AVR, decoded just once from the lossy AC4 of the source stream. The AVR does not need to do anything but play the 5.1 PCM sound.

Seems that would be superior to the 2-step double-lossy approach of (1) decoding lossy 5.1 AC4 into 5.1 LPCM, and then (2) re-encoding 5.1 LPCM into new lossy 5.1 eAC3 (DD+) which gets sent to the AVR via "pass through" where that transcoded 5.1 DD+ stream must once more be decoded into 5.1 LPCM for getting sound to the speakers.

I was actually surprised to see my AVR display the audio coming from the ZB M1 as "5.1 LPCM", and not "DD+" (which is how I see audio from non-DRM channels via the LG HDHR app sent to my AVR, because the LG HDHR system also transcodes the original source A4 into pass-through eAC3.

I think one lossy audio (i.e. source AC4) decoded into LPCM and sent in that form to the AVR for sound to the speakers, is superior to double-lossy audio resulting from transcoding AC4 into eAC3 for sending to the AVR as encoded eAC3, where a second decoding must be done, when it's not necessary.
Yes, sure, but the bitrate of the outgoing E-AC-3 is high enough that it should be transparent. It's not like it's transcoding down to AC-3 or something gross like that.

But much better than the stereo downmix via cloud, regardless.

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Re: CBS 4K Super Bowl

Post by DennisFL »

clarkss12 wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 8:38 am
yurguis wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 8:35 am
DennisFL wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 6:57 am I had Paramount Plus with no ads and they had the Super Bowl in HDR. I couldn't tell if it was also 4K but it looked like it.
I was trying to figure out the same. Paramount's feed looked better overall than my local CBS channel which was a little bit of a disappointement IMO.
What player were you using?? Android device, Fire device, PC, etc?
I had a 2nd Gen Apple TV 4K and Paramount + with Showtime.
But I also have ATSC 3.0 OTA CBS which I think is 1080 (not sure). My cable TV is Hotwire and they are SLOWLY upgrading to include 4K (which requires a different set top box

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