ATSC 3.0 in Chicago, sort of: WRME-LD

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ATSC 3.0 in Chicago, sort of: WRME-LD

Post by PhilJSmith67 »

In the Chicago area we are still awaiting an official, multi-subchannel rollout of NextGen TV. Nevertheless, there actually is an ATSC 3.0 signal on the air with a single subchannel: WRME-LD 6.1, transmitted on RF channel 6. This is one of the few Franken-FMs that continues to broadcast an analog FM radio ensemble (FM Stereo + RBDS/RDS) on 87.75 MHz FM, with the remainder of the channel from 82 through 87.509 MHz carrying the ATSC 3.0 signal. There is just one video subchannel: JTVHD 6.1 (JewelryTV HD). So, for me personally, confirming that I can view ATSC 3.0 subchannels is more satisfying than this particular end result.

You'll either need a decent antenna designed for VHF-Low, or you'll need to be relatively close to downtown with rabbit-ears to get it. I had to wait until recently when tropospheric enhancement helped boost WRME-LD above the threshold to lock it. JTVHD appears as subchannel 106.1 on the HDHR5-4K tuner.

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Re: ATSC 3.0 in Chicago, sort of: WRME-LD

Post by TomZ »

Darn... I was sort of hoping something new was happening in Chicago with ATSC 3.0... This channel has been on the air since early July.
I'm still waiting for a real network channel to start a broadcast.

Here's my original post about the channel:

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Re: ATSC 3.0 in Chicago, sort of: WRME-LD

Post by stevegoldrich »

Lunchtime tropo enhancement is helping to bring in WRME-LD "JTVHD" 6, Chicago @ 86 miles in ATSC 3.0 at my Milford, IL remote DX site. This is the first time I've seen video from this station since installing the FLEX 4K two weeks ago. Per the station's very directional antenna information ... E-LD&arch= it appears this receive location at 180 degrees is receiving approx. 800 watts of signal and I'm not even using a VHF-low antenna. I'm using a VHF-hi antenna along with two horizontally stacked Channel Master 4251 UHF antennas (parabolics) on a 73 ft. tower. Maybe it's a 3.0 miracle!!!

So far, 3.0 reception of other stations from this location, like Cincinnati @ 191 miles and St. Louis @ 206 miles when tropo enhancement assists, does seem to be more robust than comparable 1.0 signals. ... g?static=0

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