Connect Duo and Flex Duo Together

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Connect Duo and Flex Duo Together

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Can I operate both a Connect Duo and a Flex Duo together on my network, or do I need to replace the Connect Duo with a Flex Duo 4K? I want to record the nightly news, which the TV station has so nicely broken up into two programs. Since they do not operate exactly on time, as national networks do, I have to start recording early and end them late, thereby necessitating two tuners. I exercise during this period and like to watch another channel, so 3 tuners are required at minimum. If only the TV station would make the news one program!!!

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Re: Connect Duo and Flex Duo Together

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Both will work together - the FLEX will use all 4 tuners.

No setup required - the FLEX will find the CONNECT and start using it.

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