Electrical interference (?)

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Electrical interference (?)

Post by markc6123 »

Greetings. My Asus router was running too hot. I put a USB fan in back to blow over the vents to cool it down. I have an HD Homerun connected to the router. As soon as the fan is turned on, I lose the signal for all local channels except for the strongest ones. I've tried plugging the fan into other outlets, both on the same circuit and not, and other nearby USB ports, same result. I can put a battery operated fan there and have no issues. Other network connections are fine, NAS/Nvidia Shield/Roku TV's etc. The HD Homerun sits on the shelf below the shelf with the router and fan on it. I tried putting the HD Homerun in an anti static bag that computer cards ship in, also trying a homemade farraday cage using aluminum foil lined with saran wrap. Still no joy. I've tried both USB 2 and 3 ports on the router, and changing the router settings to just USB 2.

I'm on an AI mesh with wired backhaul and could move the Homerun to the node but that's less than ideal, I finally have my cabling situation right where I want it.

What in the wide world of sports is going on here? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Electrical interference (?)

Post by JDazell »

It is not the USB ports. The fan motor is creating noise in the same frequency band as your TV channels. So it is masking or overriding the TV signal. Electric motors are notorious at creating spurious RF interference.

I would suggest investigating your ASUS to find out why it is overheating. Is there a layer of dust coating the cooling fins inside the case?

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