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Post by otaku »

Can the Unofficial Kodi HDHomeRun DVR PVR Client be loaded onto an Amazon Firestick?

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Re: Firestick

Post by djp952 »

Yes, you would want to use the "android-arm" variant of the addon that is applicable to the version of Kodi that has been installed (Leia / Matrix):

Leia (18.x): ... eia-(18.x)
Matrix (19.x): ... rix-(19.x)

You need to get the .zip file onto the Firestick via ADB or some other mechanism, and then "install from zip file" from Kodi. Once installed, the addon will keep itself updated automatically, only the initial install is manual, so that's nice :)

That said, I have personally found Firesticks to be kind of inadequate for a "seamless" experience with Kodi, so I honestly must caution you that your mileage may vary here. Kodi 19.x (Matrix) is borderline unusable to me on any Firestick, but if you can stick to Kodi 18.x (Leia) the latest gen sticks seem to do a decent job. While I do not have the latest gen "4K" stick here to try, the latest "1080p" stick still struggles with Kodi and the previous gen "4K" stick was extremely problematic.

I don't want to scare you off, it's absolutely worth a try (says the guy who made the thing - LOL!), I guess I'm just trying to level-set the expectations :) I'm here and always happy to help out if you run into problems!!

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Re: Firestick

Post by FoodLioon »

Kodi 19.0 works ok on my FireStick 4K. I only have about 40 OTA channels though. If you have hundreds of channels, the guide will get slow.
I recommend setting up a share on a computer so you can shuffle .apk and .zip files to the FireStick. X-Plore File Manager is what I use on the FireStick. It can launch .apk files for side loading. This is much easier method than the "download" apps on the FireStick.

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