How to copy recorded shows from HDHomeRun Scribe

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How to copy recorded shows from HDHomeRun Scribe

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OK I'm sure this is a noob question, but can't quite seem to find it. I just got an HDHomeRun Scribe Duo with 1TB Disk. It is awesome and does seem to record ok, but two questions:

1. Is there an easy way to just copy the recorded video files to my NAS. I have a bunch of recordings from previous incarnations of recording (from the HDHomeRun Cable boxes which worked great) and I'd like to just merge it all together. Plus I'm going to have more than a TB of old shows so things will run out)...
2. It would be awesome if these things just appeared as an SMB share, I can't quite figure that out as Plex and of course the media players can obviously see it via DLNA and so forth, but it would be nice to just drag and drop from the finder or kick off a rcp job :-)

Again apologies if this is obvious (and it is hyper cool that on a mac, you can just `brew install hdhomerun` and you have both autodiscovery via (although it doesn't work when a VPN is on). Keep it up!

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Re: How to copy recorded shows from HDHomeRun Scribe

Post by signcarver »

The only way to get something off the scribe/servio, without popping the drive, is to "play" it. Easiest way would be to browse to the recording from a web browser. Personally I pop the drive if it is more than 2 programs wanted as that 100Mbps port is way too slow for copying. If on windows you would probably need a linux vm to read it but you may have luck attaching it to the nas.

You would probably be better off using the NAS to record.

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