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Re: AC-4 Audio - talkenrain

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talkenrain wrote: Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:33 pm
nickk wrote: Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:10 pm 102 and 106 should work with the 20210110 app releases for Windows 10, XBox One, Apple TV 4K, and iOS.

Android and FireTV app updates will be released tomorrow.

Great news. It hasn't shown up in the Apple store yet but I'll look forward to it and report back asap.
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AppleTV4k HDHOMERUN 20210110 - Audio is consistently centered across all channels !!!

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Re: AC-4 Audio - talkenrain

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talkenrain wrote: Sun Jan 10, 2021 10:02 am
Dartman wrote: Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:45 pm My 2018? Shield now has ok audio and video on the 3.0 channels in Portland. The Roku Ultra latest release I recently got still doesn't and neither does the Roku built-in to my TCL 65 825 TV. So something by somebody got a update that makes the earlier Shields work recently.
So finally one of my media players works :D
Last I checked a day or two ago it did not work but I think every one that cares is working to add support for ac4 audio and other new codecs coming online with 4k TVs and movies so hopefully more platforms that are popular enough with get it soon. I haven't poked around here much today to see if Silicon Dust added it or Google did it but definitely happy because now I have a way to watch 4k OTA TV with my new tuner if Portland finally actually does 4k soon rather than testing it with regular HD content right now.
Is your Nvedia shield connected to an Atmos sound system? Do you know for sure your shield is mapping the audio channels correctly? My Nvedia shield pro (2020) crashes on channels 8.1 an 12.1 usually within 1 minute. Other channels work fine. Nvidia Shield Pro does not crash when using the Channels app instead of the HDhomerun app on the same channels. AppleTV4k does not crash at all.
My Shield is hooked to a Vizio 42" 5.1 soundbar and it didn't get audio on the 3.0 channels till I posted. It may support Atmos and I'm not sure if my old but new to me Denon 4310ci does as I mainly play audio through the soundbar fed from the hdmi port of the TCL TV.
Ok I just tried everything and the audio works on the soundbar and the Denon no matter what channel I play. The 1.0 channels have proper audio mapping, the 3.0 channels it's left or mostly center channel centered. It reboots occasionally and audio drops occasionally on the 3.0 stuff, might be signal strength, who knows.
A early test recording from the 10 pbs 3.0 channel doesn't play audio or video right now but old 1.0 recordings still play fine.
Such fun beta testing new toys. I have a developer model if it helps anyone.

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