Cox sucks-my story

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Cox sucks-my story

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Just venting here but a warning to other Cox customers- news alert-they lie!
My 'discount's' expired and my bill went up. Since I have phone, tv and internet, I get some decent discounts so I contacted Loyalty like I have to do each year and after 12 minutes on hold, I was given $20 off (after being charge $25 a month more, so really, a $5 discount) which I accepted. I specifically asked (because this happens to me often) if to get this discount, would I have to lose any services or packaged and was told no. That was a lie as I lost 2 packages to get this discount. Now we're gonna have to argue but this time, I'm either getting what I was told I would or I'm gone and will finally cancel tv and phone (who uses a home phone these days anyway) and move on.
<rant over>

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Re: Cox sucks-my story

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You can port your phone line over to a cellular sim(buy a cheap $20 sim card to last a month or 2), then port it again to google voice ($20 charge one time, google voice won't allow porting directly from a landline). That way you can retain your phone number forever, then use the google voice app on your phone for those long lost phonecalls. Or you can buy an OBI200 box and attached that to ethernet and allow you to connnect google voice to your home phone system without paying any monthly fees.

You will not have 911 services though, unless you pay extra for e911. But it's still cheaper than getting a home phone through cable or telephone provider.

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