FireTV 4k picture quality - ns71

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FireTV 4k picture quality - ns71

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Hi there,

I just bumped into this thread as I am dealing with a similar similar issue. I am in Italy too and I noticed my newly bought and installed HDHR duo does not play HEVC Main 10 test channels (100 and 200). I understand from the reply above this has to do with the lack of an audio stream for those test channels. However, I have the following doubt: if they did have an audio stream. would the show up only on the 2020 Firestick 4K or *also* on the "normal" (i.e. HD) firestick? I am asking since I read elsewhere that the "normal" firestick is not H265 / 10 bit capable, while the 4K model is.

I am also having several issues with the EPG not showing up for several channels, but I did not quite understand what do I have to do to fix the issue.

Thanks for any help

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Re: FireTV 4k picture quality

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The HEVC channels won't play on devices that don't have HEVC support. A general rule is that devices that are marketed as 4K support HEVC and devices that aren't 4K don't support HEVC. The HEVC channels will show up in the channel list on unsupported devices, but you'll get an error when you try to play them.

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