Roku changes channels slowly

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Nate G
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Roku changes channels slowly

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I've noticed that the channels change slower on Roku devices than they do on other non-Roku devices. I have Roku TVs in the house and I always thought it was just an issue specific to the the Roku TVs. I recently purchased the new 4K Roku Ultra to use on my main living room TV, and it still changes channels slower than other non-Roku devices. Has anyone else had this issue? Could it be just a setting?

My main living room TV is a Sony Smart TV about 4 years old. I got the Roku for it because I was having issues with the apps freezing up and crashing. Yet that older TV the channels load faster on HD homerun app than they do on the new 4K Ultra Roku. I've tried looking through every setting I could find but haven't come up with anything.

Any input would be appreciated thank you.

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Re: Roku changes channels slowly

Post by jasonl »

Roku devices won't start playing until they have whatever they consider enough data buffered. When you're playing pre-recorded video (including "live" web streaming video), there's always enough data on the server to fill the buffer as fast as the data can transfer. When you're watching true live TV from the HDHomeRun, the there is no existing data because the channel doesn't tune until you select that channel in the app.

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Re: Roku changes channels slowly

Post by JDazell »

Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast. Roku is slower to resolve channels on startup or channel changes. It is just the way they work.

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