Hdhomerun servio - included 1 year of dvr service

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Hdhomerun servio - included 1 year of dvr service

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Hi !

I've just received my new hdhomerun servio (device 153063EA). Product is great and installation has been done easily ! But i want to activate the free year of dvr service provided with the unit. My account subscription is still ending the 13th april 2021. How can i retrieve the free one year of dvr service ?

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Re: Hdhomerun servio - included 1 year of dvr service

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The servio gets a year of service not a year of an account/subscription and is automatic. They have said it will extend your service by a year which causes some confusion in that the year of free access is dependent on the DeviceAuth of the servio instead of your tuners so it needs to be found whenever verifying dvr status. There may be cases where that year "expires" as it started prior to the end of the active subscription which may require a ticket be opened to get your full year. The reasoning is the free year of service follows the device.

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