Adding Channel through DVB-T Modulator

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Adding Channel through DVB-T Modulator

Post by halldave »

I would like to purchase and add output of the HDMI of my security cameras at the NVR using a DVB-T Modulator and inject this into the aerial input.

Will the HD Homerun detect it so that I can watch using any HD Homerun client or Plex?

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Re: Adding Channel through DVB-T Modulator

Post by jasonl »

You'll need to have a DVB-T capable HDHomeRun (i.e. not one from North America or Brazil), to set the modulator to a frequency that isn't in use in your area, to use a LCN that isn't used by another channel in your area, and to make sure the modulator isn't outputting a signal so strong that it overloads the input to the HDHomeRun. There are a lot of HDHomeRun users in Australia who use a DVB-T modulator to inject the output of their Foxtel satellite receiver into their OTA lineup, and that works fine, so it ought to work for your application even if you're in another region. You won't get guide listings, of course, so you wouldn't be able to record with the HDHomeRun DVR, but live TV in the HDHomeRun app works fine. Plex requires that any channel you want to access have an associated guide listing, so you'd have to give that channel the listing from another channel (maybe one of the shopping channels or something) in order to access it.

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