Internet Connection Required to Launch

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Internet Connection Required to Launch

Post by KevinM »

I recently moved in to a new home and wasn't able to get my internet installed for about two weeks. I have an HDHomeRun (configured with DVR saving to a WD NAS) and thought this would be a great way to get some entertainment while I don't have a connection.... But I can't get the app to start!

I can tell that HDHR is trying to connect to the internet because the app displays my router's "no internet connection" splash page. I tried turning this feature off, thinking it might interfere with the HDHR app, but it didn't help. I can get TV streams to play in VLC or the like, so I know my hardware is set up correctly, but this is really not an ideal situation.

I realize this is a bit of an edge case, and for me it will be temporary, but it seems like a device intended for playing OTA TV should not *require* an internet connection. I realize that some features like the guide need internet, but I would be willing to watch just browsing by channel number, and set recordings by date and time.

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Re: Internet Connection Required to Launch

Post by signcarver »

It needs to "obtain" the UI... eventually there will be something to fall back on but that isn't available yet. From previous comments I would never expect the DVR to be able to record by date/time as it gets its marching orders from the cloud (only knows what to do for the next 4 hours) and requires setting by "series".

Since the DVR can't do DRM, all your shows can be watched with other programs. I forget if the official kodi addon can work without connecting by internet but that might be something to look at if you want it to behave more like SD's app but it might also not work (doesn't need UI but at one time I thought it needed internet access for DVR, but that may have been prior to the engine working when not authorized to do so).

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Re: Internet Connection Required to Launch

Post by NedS »

The HDHomeRun itself only requires a local network connection, and only the official app requires an internet connection. I'm working on a little offline guide for using HDHomeRun, while we wait for the official app to implement a better offline mode (the last one had issues). Kodi should do the basics offline (live TV, change channels), even allow playing back recorded content from the HDHomeRun DVR if using the unofficial PVR add-on. VLC is also a great option and has the added benefit of supporting some additional platforms that we might not be on.

Long term, official app will have some level of offline support, and maybe we'll get a manual/VCR-like input for the DVR (making the recordings would be easy, but having it integrate with the app will require some planning and work, so it's at a "we like the idea, but will have to see" stage).

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