changing SSH port for homerun dvr setup

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changing SSH port for homerun dvr setup

Post by crashnburn »

My synology server box keeps recommending I change the ssh port from 22 for security reasons. if I change the port on the box the hdhomerun dvr setup software fails to connect under the ssh port. I keep looking but can't seem to find how to get the setup software to point to the new port. I get.

Model: DS218+
SSH Enabled: Ok
SSH Session: Error
SSH login failed
Unable to install

If i change to port back to 22 it works but I get the security alerts. Anyone know how to change the port number in the homerun software or setup? Thanks.

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Re: changing SSH port for homerun dvr setup

Post by rpcameron »

If your NAS is not addressable from the public internet, then keeping SSH on port 22 isn't really an issue. You can tell the Synology box to ignore that particular warning, and it will no longer flag SSH on 22 as problematic.

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Re: changing SSH port for homerun dvr setup

Post by jasonl »

Don't use the HDHomeRun Setup installer to install the DVR, use the Synology package available in the Downloads & Instructions forum. It's the same base software but packaged for use on a Synology NAS. Once installed you don't need to reinstall it after rebooting the NAS, among other features.

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Re: changing SSH port for homerun dvr setup

Post by NedS »

If you really want to use the "official" NAS installer, you only need SSH on the default port for installation, and the other time it can be changed or off. The Synology package is better, and we will likely adopt it in some form for people who feel uneasy about using something "third party" (it still uses the official DVR software, it's just how it gets installed that is different).

I've also added steps for auto-starting on Synology, for people who used the NAS installer: ... s_boots_up

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