Live Channels EPG limited

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Live Channels EPG limited

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I am trying to get my Nvidia Shield setup with live TV using my HDHomeRun (HDHR3-EU). I installed the HDHomeRun app and then added it as a source in the Live Channels app.

Fairly simple and quick setup relative to MediaPortal and TVHeadend servers which I have used in the past.

Unfortunately I have 2 issues which are quite annoying:

1) The guide data in Live Channels is very limited. I only get approximately 3hrs of data in the live channels app, the HDHomeRun app seems to have a few days. Not sure where the problem is and if it can be fixed. This is particularly annoying as it means that the Live Channels home screen 'Channel' is always disappearing due to not having any data (if it hasn't been opened for a few hours).

2) Subtitles/Closed Captions, don't work. This is the case in both apps, however I also noticed it is the same in the HDHomeRun Windows 10 app. I am in Australia which I think doesn't use DVB subtitles, and uses some other format for subtitles. I am going to guess this is the problem and I am out of luck unless support is added for alternate formats.

Any tips on getting things working better?

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