HDHR Prime No TV Signal mid-episode

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HDHR Prime No TV Signal mid-episode

Post by slaingod »

So trying to figure out what to do. A month ago I had a tree come down and take out my power/cable pole, and was without mains and ran a line (both power and cable) to my neighbors for a week until things got fixed. During this time, I did upgrade my firmware on the HDHR Prime like a dummy, so my wife could watch live tv on her laptop with the hdhr software. Normally we do everything through my WMC setup (win7, SchedDirect, epg123, etc.).

Once the new pole and new line were run and I was off my neighbors power and cable, I am getting No Tv Signal issues on some tuners, nearly every day during prime time. Not all of the tuners get affected. The wife's BravoHD channel is the main one getting slammed, and is generating considerable aggro.

I've tried a number of things, in case it was signal, even though it didn't seem like signal from the HDHR status website. I bought a signal booster (Arris BDA-42-4-AR-R) and tried that, as I did have some dropped signal issues with cable modem when running the line from my neighbors but not since. I then worried that maybe the signal was being boosted too high, so got a 3db attenuator to put between the booster and the HDHR Prime, but I am still getting No Tv Signal messages in WMC (though not all tuners at once). I will say it does seem mostly like tuner 0 and Bravo are the main candidates, but I will try to be more diligent about noting that going forward.

I am concerned that there is a problem, whether intermittent or not, with my new run of cable wire but not entirely sure the best way to diagnose that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

My Device id is: 1315B4DC running firmware 20200521
I clicked the diagnostic checkbox.

Virtual Channel 1463 BRAVOHD
Frequency 333.000 MHz
Program Number 5
Authorization subscribed
CCI Protection unrestricted
Modulation Lock qam256
PCR Lock locked
Signal Strength 97% (-1.9 dBmV)
Signal Quality 100% (36.4 dB)
Symbol Quality 100%
Streaming Rate 4.759 Mbps
Resource Lock

My diagnostic logs do show this for a past event (not the most recent however, pre-attenuator):
20200528-01:58:56 Tuner: tuner0 rtp stream ended (usage timeout)
20200528-02:10:59 CableCARD: extended_channel/0x000000 timeout error (cchost_extended_channel:459)
20200528-02:10:59 CableCARD: technical error 0 (cchost_extended_channel:460)
20200528-02:10:59 CableCARD: message: A technical problem is preventing you from receiving all the cable services at this time. Please call your cable operator and report error code 161-0 to have this problem resolved.
20200528-02:10:59 CableCARD: M-CARD reset
20200528-02:11:03 CableCARD: Arris/Motorola card (0000:0717)
20200528-02:11:03 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication in progress
20200528-02:11:04 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication success, validation success

Nothing really showed up in the logs this most recent time:
20200603-00:59:12 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 1463 BRAVOHD (auto:333MHz-5)
20200603-00:59:12 Tuner: tuner0 streaming rtp to
20200603-00:59:12 Tuner: tuner2 tuning 1444 IDHD (auto:327MHz-10)
20200603-00:59:12 Tuner: tuner2 streaming rtp to
20200603-00:59:13 CableCARD: tuner2 1444 IDHD (auto:327MHz-10) access = subscribed
20200603-00:59:13 CableCARD: tuner0 1463 BRAVOHD (auto:333MHz-5) access = subscribed
>>>>>>>>> Wife cries out in anguish "Not again!" And I try changing channels
20200603-01:27:29 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 1028 WNPXDT (auto:177MHz-3)
20200603-01:27:29 Tuner: tuner0 rtp stream ended (new request)
20200603-01:27:29 Tuner: tuner0 streaming rtp to
>>>>>>>>> Still getting no tv signal on tuner0
20200603-01:27:39 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 1463 BRAVOHD (auto:333MHz-5)
20200603-01:27:39 Tuner: tuner0 rtp stream ended (new request)
20200603-01:27:39 Tuner: tuner0 streaming rtp to
20200603-01:27:44 Tuner: tuner0 rtp stream ended (stop request)
>>>>>>>>> Tuner1 is actually able to show the channel
20200603-01:28:06 Tuner: tuner1 tuning 1463 BRAVOHD (auto:333MHz-5)
20200603-01:28:06 Tuner: tuner1 streaming rtp to
20200603-01:28:07 CableCARD: tuner1 1463 BRAVOHD (auto:333MHz-5) access = subscribed

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Re: HDHR Prime No TV Signal mid-episode

Post by NedS »

It looks like you already have the "send diagnostics" option checked, can we also have you do a "Detect channels" with that on, then reply back?

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Re: HDHR Prime No TV Signal mid-episode

Post by slaingod »

Sorry for the delayed response, my AC went out...it's been a year...but that got me thinking. I am now suspicious that it might be an overheating issue. While my power was out I had moved a lot of my 'AV' closet stuff out of the closet to plug into the extension cord from my neighbors, etc. When I moved it back, I put things back into the closet in a way that the HDHR was inadvertently sitting on top of my cable modem, and definitely hotter than optimal. I have rectified that, and see that the devices are now just reasonably warm. And I vaguely remember this being an issue a number of years ago, before I had a fan in my AV closet, that the cable card itself would have issues when hot.

We'll see if next weeks round of prime time recordings make it without issue or not, and I will keep you posted. Thanks for getting back!

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