DVB Subtitles on Mac

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DVB Subtitles on Mac

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I have just upgraded to HDHomeRun 20200521 on a Mac. According to the software change history as per https://www.silicondust.com/support/dow ... changelog/ it is now supposed to finally support access to DVB subtitles.

Unfortunately either this is not true or it is not working. As mentioned I upgraded to this version, I confirmed the firmware had upgraded and the HDHomeRun app. I then ran the app and viewed a channel known to contain DVB subtitles as tested on a TV viewing the same channel at the same time.

In the HDHomeRun app the user interface is unchanged over the previous old fashioned user interface and the only option shown that has any logical relevance to DVB subtitles is the CC button which historically has been purely for American Closed Captions since previously HDHomeRun has not supported DVB subtitles. This did nothing it did not show DVB subtitles and since here in the UK we don't receive Closed Captions it did not show them either.

So is this a bug? Is the change log wrong?

As a curiosity I also ran the same new 20200521 HDHomeRun app under Windows and it does not show a CC button nor any other obvious option for DVB subtitles. However the change log does not mention the Windows version is supposed to support DVB subtitles.

Normally under Windows I still use Windows Media Centre which does support DVB subtitles. It should be noted VLC also supports DVB subtitles and this includes a bug fix for real time subtitles as used on live news programs.

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