New Blue Theme ... like it

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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Re: New Blue Theme ... like it

Post by Bobstr »

'me too' on liking the new blue theme.

I'm getting used to the wavy line background - my opinion has gone from being bothered by the wavy lines behind stuff to not caring one way or the other now that I'm used to it.

Additionally, I've noticed that there seems to be a resolution of a number of nagging issues that have come and gone in the past (This is all on Windows 10 platform).
- Leaving live TV (pressing esc) would take me to either the Discover screen that unfortunately showed the same timeslot that it displayed when I selected the show to watch live), or would take me to the show description page of the same timeslot and episode that it showed me when I clicked on 'Watch TV' to get to it in Live TV), and required clicking on 'Discover' a couple times to get Discover to show me the current timeslot of shows.
- Using MCE buttons to pause/play live TV momentarily showed an old (no longer used) window with the HD logo and play/pause/ff/rew buttons) while it performed the pause or play action
- Nearly complete resolution to video and audio 'freezing' when changing channels (almost always when changing channels to lower quality 'secondary' local channels) that required leaving Live TV and returning, or even exiting HDHomeRun app and restarting to get Live TV working for that channel.
- Using number buttons to select a channel from live TV used to 'not respond' to show the first digit pressed, but would bring up the Slice guide. Additional number presses would show up normally (example - slice guide not showing, press '1', slice guide shows, no numbers showing in channel # search. Press '0', then '5' - Search shows '05', instead of '105', guide moves to closest channel to '05', have to press 'esc' to clear out of this and try again - it might or might not work properly after that.

These issues seem to have been totally resolved with the 0508 build (other than an infrequent occurrence of the channel change freeze) - Thanks! Your efforts are greatly appreciated

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Re: New Blue Theme ... like it

Post by BigB42078 »

I wish you guys would remove the lines. If your gonna put it there at least make an option to turn it off. I thought it was a way to show I was using the app in Beta. So turned off newest features option hoping that would fix it, and it didn't. The color change doesn't bother me that much, would be nice if we could pick different themes colors.

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