24 Hour EPG Data using API / CLI?

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24 Hour EPG Data using API / CLI?

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Is there a way to obtain the 24 Hour EPG data using the command line API?

The HDHomeRun app on my Mac (System Status Hardware Model HDHR4-2US firmware Version 20200225) displays about 24 hours per channel.

Using the command "http://my.hdhomerun.com/api/guide.php?DeviceAuth=<foo>", provides only about four hours per channel.

Is there a way to acquire the complete 24 hour guide data using the api?

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Re: 24 Hour EPG Data using API / CLI?

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The free 24h guide is intended only for use with the HDHomeRun app.

If you are a DVR subscriber you can download the full 14-day guide using this API:


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