Thank you! The 'stale' Discover Screen behavior seems fixed!

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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Thank you! The 'stale' Discover Screen behavior seems fixed!

Post by Bobstr » Mon Feb 03, 2020 12:04 pm


Fix bug where time might show incorrectly on Discover Now tab"

I think this fixed the problem I'd previously reported: Going from live TV by pressing exit (instead of to the 'recordings' screen) should bring me to the 'Recorded' screen, but instead brought me to the show's episode screen (the show that had I selected 'watch' from to get into Live TV), but was usually old, showing an expired episode and timeframe, (as in that episode is over and something else is on). To try to then get to 'Discover', having to press exit again or click on discover again took me to 'Discover', but in a stale state (old, expired, discover window time slot that is well in the past. Sometimes by as 2 - 4 hours if that's how long it's been since I clicked 'watch' on the episode screen), which requiring me to click on 'discover' again to finally get the current time visible 'Discover'.

All weekend, running this version as well as the one from the 28th, and I've not seen this issue repro'd at all (which I guarantee I would have). Thank you - as this was a major annoyance and wife approval factor problem.

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