New Observations

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New Observations

Post by filmydunya » Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:46 pm

1) On Windows 10 Laptop (i5 5th generation with 8gb RAM & intel graphics) & on New Hisense Android TV - Switching Channels results in garbled voice/hesitating video for 2-3 seconds before normalizing (it is noticeable). This is an issue only for last 2-3 months. Does not happen on my desktop (old pentium dual core from 2009).
Any Thoughts on that?

2) On Fire TV, when I hit power off while HDHR is playing, next time I turn TV on, I have to scroll, select HDHomerun app to start it.

3) On Hisense TV (65" H8F) - when i turn off power while HDHR is playing, next time I start TV, it is already in HDHR play mode. I checked my Prime Tuner however and the Tuner does free up when i power off Hisense.

4) Response time for clicks, scrolling etc is way faster on Laptop (i-5 5th 4th gen processor). Hisense definitely has noticable lag for loading TV guide, scrolling etc.

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Re: New Observations

Post by jasonl » Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:00 pm

What you see when playback first starts is the app adjusting the playback position and rates of the audio and video streams so that they are properly synced. This will look a bit different from one device to the next depending on how long it takes the video decoder to start actually decoding. Some devices will just do nothing for a couple seconds and then start playing normally, while others will have that noticeable adjustment you're seeing.

We don't recommend powering off the TV while video is playing. Exactly what happens varies from device to device and depending on settings in the device like whether or not CEC is enabled. Some devices will continue playing indefinitely, tying up a tuner you may want to use for other purposes. We recommend at least going back to the L/R/D/T screen if not exiting completely when you're done watching.

Yes, a computer will have faster response times. Having a CPU that's probably at least 4 times as powerful as the one in a smart TV has that effect :). We've tuned the performance of the interface to make it work as fast as possible on low-end devices.

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