NVidia Shield hopeful app release vs WMC EPG Jan 2020 deadline

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NVidia Shield hopeful app release vs WMC EPG Jan 2020 deadline

Post by wy1z » Sat Oct 05, 2019 3:53 am

Currently running WMC at home on my Windows 7 desktop and got a popup yesterday on it warning the EPG provided my Microsoft will expire Jan 2020.

I am so looking forward to having SD get approval from CableLabs so the Android app with support of DRM playback of Android DRM recorded shows can be released to the public. Then, I can get an NVidia Shield and use the app on my existing homemade DVR solution and dump WMC (which has worked well for me) and not pay extra for an EPG.

The WMC solution has works really well for several years - the only option, I believe, for handling DRM shows (recording and playing them back).

But, the Shield will also be lower-profile than the desktop I use now.

How do Shield users like their device?

Does it offer smooth, consistent video? I'm on Verizon FIOS.

What app do you use for playback and recording of shows? SD's or what is included on the device?

Does anyone with a Shield know if I can easily play back WMC-recorded shows on the Shield - any built-in Shield apps permit this, or might I have to figure out another creative solution to play those shows back?

I sometimes get video stuttering via WMC's live viewing.

Anyway, the countdown commences!


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