What language used to code the HDHR applications?

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What language used to code the HDHR applications?

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I've been wondering for a while what language(s) were used to code the HDHomerun applications like View, Record, Setup, etc. The closed-source stuff that is ported to several different platforms.

I'm not a coder but it's been a curiosity of mine - how are you able to write the applications for one platform and then port them to so many others, etc. and have them look and operate essentially the same?

Also, with all the OS platforms that are supported, I am wondering which processor architectures the applications have also been ported to. E.g. There's an Android version, would I be able to use HDHR apps on, say, an Odroid XU-4 (Cortex-A15) running Android, or would I have to stick to a mainstream box like a Fire or a Shield because of processor architecture compatibility reqs?


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