Some of us are actually happy

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Some of us are actually happy

Postby Jpsd1 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:26 pm

Lately the only reason I look at this Forum is to see if there is any news on DRM copy once recording. The reason I have stopped looking at other posts is that it seems that many of the posts are relegated to personal pet peeves / deal breakers that must be fixed or the person posting will abandon Silicon Dust for good.

I wonder if there are others like myself who are actually happy with and using Silicon Dust hardware and software on a regular basis. My wife and I have recorded thousands of programs first utilizing WMC for over 4 years and then changing to the HDHR DVR and Win 10 app over the last 2 plus years. We use the HDHR DVR to record all of our programs utilizing an I5 7500 Win 10 machine that also functions as a Plex Server and as one of our HTPC’s for viewing live and recorded content with the HDHR Win 10 app. Can’t see where the minimal savings on power would justify purchasing a NAS when the I5 can do everything a NAS would do, plus provide us with a pristine HD picture and very snappy interface in our main viewing room. We also use the HDHR Win 10 app to view our content on 3 other Win 10 HTPC’s. We manage to navigate all of our HTPC's and the HDHR Win 10 app with a lowly wireless mouse. We don’t watch a lot of live TV but when we do we have even managed to go back and forth between two football games using the slice guide. It takes a little more effort than having a single key on the remote for previous channel, but as my wife says, we never have to take our eye off the screen to look at a remote. Believe it or not a few of us actually find it easier to use a mouse than a remote given that an HTPC is still a computer even if it is connected to a TV.

In regard to the “Discover” tab and “slice guide” we manage to find new content to record with just a little more effort than needed to schedule content utilizing the old WMC “grid” guide. The initial effort to “hide” those items you never intend to watch results in new shows being for the most part at the top of the list. You need to keep up with the “hide” effort, but for us it just doesn’t take that long and the end result is not that much different than scrolling through each day of the “grid guide” to find new content to record with WMC. It is also possible to schedule a recording utilizing the “slice guide” if you know approximately when and on what channel it is broadcasting.

Not being able to record “copy once” DRM content is a negative, but it is important to understand that Microsoft chose to abandon WMC and Silicon Dust is the only one currently trying to give us the ability to locally record, store and playback such content on our own equipment. With a Win 10 HTPC and a cable subscription that includes copy once premium channels, you can put shortcuts on the desktop to take you to all of the premium channel web sites to access their content on demand. I realize this doesn’t help those with DRM copy once everything, but those folks would have been better off staying with WMC till the bitter end. It is especially hard for me to understand the numerous complaints from Android users who prior to Silicon Dust had absolutely no previous path to even viewing “copy once” DRM content on any of their devices.

Even if you hate their software, Silicon Dust is undoubtedly the cable card hardware king. We have two HDHR Primes that have been working for 6 years. That hardware allows us to record programs and distribute them to all of our devices including Win 10 HTPC’s, MI Boxes, Android cell phones and any other computer attached to our local network. We can even view that same content including live & recorded TV via Plex when away from home utilizing our cell phones. The flexibility is amazing and something that could not even be imagined when I was growing up.

I am sure this will generate a few responses indicating cable is dead, long live cord cutting and streaming, and why use Win 10 HTPC's when cheaper boxes are available. Not everyone lives close enough to the transmitters to receive an HD signal for the broadcast channels. Some of us follow our local sports teams and don’t choose to utilize a VPN to illegally obtain streaming content that is not supposed to be available in our local area. MI boxes left me feeling “sea sick” when I tried to watch fast action sports utilizing them. We are not gamers so although the Nvidea Shield appears to be a great Android device, it really didn’t fit our needs. Our Win 10 HTPC’s provide a pristine picture that is as good or better than any box previously provided by our cable provider. Our 10 HTPC’s provide an interface that is more responsive than any cable box, streaming box, or smart TV on the market today. It drives me crazy to watch someone with a streaming box or smart TV try to find content by typing with a remote control. A wireless keyboard, mouse and a Win 10 HTPC can get you there so much faster.

My favorite thing about utilizing Silicon Dust hardware is that I retain local control over all of my content. That means the content I choose to record is located on my hard drives rather than a drive owned by the cable company or a streaming service and that content can be steamed to all of my devices utilizing my local network via my choice of software. In addition, the savings I have accrued by avoiding cable box rental fees has more than paid for the equipment that has allowed me to obtain that local control.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby mchias13 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:46 pm

You are not alone. I'm a fellow prime user. And like you I'm waiting on DRM to fully use the software. Our main tv is on an HTPC, but we use a remote. I only wish we had more keyboard controls/bindings so someone like me can fully use a remote and you could stick with mouse and keyboard.

We've adapted to discovery as well. Paring down shows we will never watch or record helps. But also I don't care about time or channel for a recording as long as it's the first run episode.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby neil459 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:23 pm

As one of the complainers, thats good to hear, and it's good for SD to hear.

But it's a bit like Mitsubishi selling only the Mirage (a $13,000 75 HP city only car). There are evidently a bunch of people that desire a Mirage, but Mitsubishi couldn't be a successful car company if that was the only car they sold. If the people buying Mitsubishi's other cars quit buying them, then the ones wanting the Mirage are going to be out of luck.

SD has the opportunity to blow everyone else out of the software DVR market (the engine seems to be top notch), but not with the current design. So it makes no sense to keep quiet and say everything is OK. Progress comes from adversity not the status quo.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby Beerman » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:39 pm

I'm very happy but I'm not a Premium user and am happy about that too.
My beefs have only been with what I feel (and I'm not afraid to admit many times I'm wrong) is poor communication. I think when something new is announced with the word 'soon' in it, it would be nice if a rough idea of when we'd see it would be given. Say something like, 'planned for quarter 2' and that's fine. I don't feel I deserve anything except what I pay for but us natives would be happy with a regular stream of monthly updates on what they are working towards.
At least I personally would appreciate it.
That said, I think only 2 recordings failed in the last year or longer. That's great and a serious winner.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby rpcameron » Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:44 pm

Overall, I feel that SD's hardware is great. (Other than the Prime ethernet issue with the NIC failing to acknowledge a new lease that hit a few other users, the hardware has been great.) I question their decision to downgrade the upcoming(?) 6 tuner Prime to 100Mbps from GbE, and wish they'd offer the ability to configure static IPs on their consumer (non-TECH) models, but otherwise I'm happy.

The problems I've had are mostly related to software. I've avoided SD's software because their UI is too jarring and isn't acceptable to other members of the household. I moved from MythTV to Tvheadend for my backend with Kodi frontends. Switching to Tvheadend caused some growing pains—it was only within the past year that CableCARD tuning with the Prime was added to the development version. (Modifying that code to work all newer HDHR models to enable Premium TV support wouldn't be that difficult.) However, I've since moved on to Channels, as it meets most of our household's needs, with the additional benefit of offering remote DVR access.

I've been waiting on SD since the Kickstarter announcement to bring DRM recording, but after waiting over 3 years, I'm not sure it'll ever happen. I've decided I can live with the SD version of a channel when Charter decides to make the HD version protected. But if SD is able to improve the picture quality of their PTV service, and fix their lineup issues, then that might become a viable option.

In short, I'm happy with the hardware. The problem I have with SD is under-delivering on their promises with respect to their software and services. If they can fix those aspects, then I might give their software and services a second look. Bit, not until they get their act together.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby Sorahl » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:08 pm

i am not an SD user ..yet... i regret i didn't get the 3tuner cable card units when i could... so right now I am eagerly...and desperately...waiting on the Prime 6... I love WMC so I doubt i'll be moving to using Win10 any time soon. I'm really just looking for hardware from SD..

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby wellthatsnotgood » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:42 pm

I still use WMC on my old HTPC running Windows 7. It still gets guide data for free (If it does stop getting guide data before I can move on, I will probably switch to that 3rd party plugin to get the data from schedules direct for the yearly fee). Would I love for SD to support DRM recording so I could shut down the old HTPC and just use my NAS and Nvidia Shield? Of course! But using WMC is still way better than the cable box that Spectrum charges $20.50/month to rent. I don't get why everyone is so adamant about throwing everything out just because SD's DRM recording and new Prime isn't ready yet. Just keep using what you have.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby rrussis82 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:48 pm

I agree with the OP. I am a happy customer. I like how SD is always coming out with new things and looking forward. I would stay a customer if everything stayed exactly as it is, but I am also looking forward to future. I am waiting on the 6 tuner to be released to double my cable tuners. I am looking forward to the FireTV guide integration when released to act much like Live Channels in AndroidTV. I like the SD DVR. DRM is not a concern for me but I do look forward to the announcement when its capable of recording just out of excitement for SD accomplishing that milestone.
I suggested an idea for PTV, add Philo as a additional distributor, renegotiate with Omniverse to supply only the channels Philo doesn't supply and enable PlutoTV in the SD environment. That would push me to PTV and exclusively use SD software, not just 75% of the time as I do now.
That actually would push me to not only invest in the 6 tuner Prime and cutting my cable to just basic (not very good OTA selection in my area) but also invest in a Quatro (already have a Duo on shelf ready to launch) and invest in PTV.
Keep up the good work SD! I am always promoting your hardware and services to grow your company as I want to see it around for many years to come.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby bdbauer » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:51 pm

We're mostly happy with it. The DVR works OK. We just use a few channels on OTA so the lack of a grid doesn't bother us much.

All product forums are mostly full of complaints; people don't generally post when things are well.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby uconnctfan33 » Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:24 am

I love the Hdhomerun prime that I have. I am glad that I got into it when they had the kickstarter for the DVR as well. The products they offer are fantastic that I even tried to get a quatro unit to be able to have more tuners and not miss any recordings. However in my area (not their fault) I don't receive anything except ION over the air. If I were able to get my local channels I wouldn't be one of the ones begging for an update on the Prime6. Aside from the no updates on the Prime6, They are a really great company and Offer Superb Products! So Thank you Silicondust!

Have one forum topic be about upcoming releases or news on new products/ firmware updates. That'd be a great way for all of your users to get an idea and feel like we matter more to your company. :)

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby jseymour » Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:41 am

I'm one of the happy ones. But I'm using only the hardware (using Channels for DVR and viewing apps) and am not subscribed to PTV (we have enough to watch as it is).

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby Keenan » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:51 am

I'm one of the happy ones. But I'm using only the hardware (using Channels for DVR and viewing apps) and am not subscribed to PTV (we have enough to watch as it is).
Same here, using the hardware while the software is Channels, which works really well, the commercial skip is a huge bonus with Channels. I occasionally use the Win 10 app but as I have a second Apple TV connected to a 2nd desktop monitor I almost always use that instead. My home theater system uses the Apple TV/Channels combo as the default TV/DVR setup, I've been trying to wean a house member away from their Ti-Vo dependence so I can sell it while it still has value.

I would like to get a 6 tuner model or at least a second 3 tuner but as we're basically a 90% streaming household 3 tuners has been sufficient most of the time.

An Apple TV app from SD could change the above, but in the meantime, Channels is it.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby mcewinter » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:25 am

I'm happy; I think it's a great product. The record engine and centralized recording is brilliant. Operation is rock solid and quite responsive, which is a little impressive seeing that all of this happens over the network as opposed to a packaged system, like a PC or T**o. While I'm not a Premium TV subscriber, I like how SD separated themselves from the rest by integrating it into their current system for a seamless experience. Again, brilliant.

SDs solution allows for one to design a very small footprint for their system. You can even get away with not having a box at all if you were to purchase the right TV. What a time to be alive. The differences in SDs product, I believe, are quite valuable and the reason that I continue to use their product. All of this while saving me a reasonable amount of money. Please don't confuse any criticism I have conveyed for hate or unhappiness. I advocate your ideal to anybody who is interested as it's well deserved. Keep up the good work, SD team, you guys are amazing. Thank you!
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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby ZacMan » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:29 am

Add me to the list. I've been using SD HDHR products long before cable card was available. Started with WMC and have moved on to a NAS for the recording engine and android boxes for my viewing devices. I have found recording more reliable that WMC mostly because the guide information appears to be better. I don't record sports because I have to watch it live. I would also love DRM recording to get done and believe that it will. Luckily I don't record too much DRM content and when PTV gets sorted out I won't even need it.

It may sound strange but my wife loves the HDHomerun app for live viewing on the Shield. Before that we had a couple xbox 360s and a Ceton Echo we used as extenders. Hated how long it would take for live TV to come up. Plus the Echo was horrible with the audio over HDMI and we had to do the play/pause game to get the audio to work most of the time. With the shield we're in and watching live TV in a few seconds(AV sync? :shock: ). Yes I like the software to come up in Live TV mode. Her favorite thing is that there are so few buttons required to navigate. I'm ok with it for now and know that it will improve with time.

I try to support SD with my continued patronage and hope for even better things to come.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby innocuous_name » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:26 am

Saw this thread doing my monthly check in on DRM status.
I have to say I'm not unhappy, but am really waiting for DRM recording. I was late to the HTPC game, and missed the WMC option, and was not a SD backer, but did come to SD very early after the kickstarter expecting DVR ability shortly. However, I understand the corner that SD is in with DRM content.
For live tv my options are the Spectrum web stream or the HD Home Run. My kids (who have never lived with the cable grid view) have organically chosen the SD interface, which is so interesting to me.
On the other hand, I have to keep paying for other set top boxes to view DVR content. The Cable company STB is so expensive for such little storage, I really wish DVR DRM would come, but for now it's one fewer set top box to pay for. So I'm patiently waiting, and still have faith that SD will deliver.

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