Plex Pass on Sale Pros Cons on Plex

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Plex Pass on Sale Pros Cons on Plex

Postby sspell » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:21 am

Plex lifetime on sale now for 89.99 thinking about purchase.
I am a lifetimer with Emby and the thing that keeps me from using it with live tv is the time it takes to tune a channel. A few questions for those that know:
1. HDhomeRun UI tunes very fast Emby is slow How's Plex?
2. Has Plex fixed the tuner sharing?
3. Does it have Grid guide without additional cost on Android TV and Roku with premium? Emby requires Schedules Direct and my fee is due.
4. I have Roku TV's how the experience on Roku?
5: Opinion on the Plex DVR vs HDhomeRun DVR such as recording SD Live premium & OTA?
I haven't done Plex in about a year so before I purchase a lifetime at the sale price would like your thought thanks.

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Re: Plex Pass on Sale Pros Cons on Plex

Postby NYPlayer » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:15 pm

1. Plex is still Slow
2. Plex has not fixed tuner sharing.
3. It has a Grid Guide I believe Premium TV still has West/East Problem.
4. No longer use Roku.
5. HDHR DVR by a mile … simply the best (HDHR UI is Weak)

Plex is still the best media Server … I use it to serve my HDHR recordings for Viewing away from home... and watch locally because of being able to have separate users.

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