Send stream from home to AWS EC2 instance

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Israel Calvete
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Send stream from home to AWS EC2 instance

Postby Israel Calvete » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:23 am


I'm trying something odd to get fun. Send stream from home to AWS EC2 instance.

First aproach. Read stream with ffmpeg
(tested locally successfully)

hdhomerun_config discover sya my device have ip so I open port on my router in this way

<my home public ip>:5005 ->
<my home public ip>:5004 ->

w3m and telnet say everything is ok.


from EC2 instance I do

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/usr/bin/ffmpeg -y -i 'http://<my home public ip>:5004/auto/v5057?transcode=internet240' -t 12 -vn -acodec pcm_s16le -ar 16000 -ac 1 '/tmp/test.wav'
In tuner1 I can see...

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Virtual Channel none Frequency 698.000 MHz Program Number 186 Modulation Lock t8qam64 Signal Strength 89% Signal Quality 100% Symbol Quality 100% Streaming Rate none Resource Lock <EC2 public ip>
In system logs...

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19700102-10:27:25 Tuner: tuner0 tuning 5057 Telecinco (t8qam64:698MHz-186) 19700102-10:27:25 Tuner: tuner0 streaming http to <EC2 public ip>:34124
Everything seems ok but ffmpeg don't get any data.

Seccond aproach. Send stream to wowza

I have a wowza server running in EC2 instance

From a linux box at my home

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root# /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 1250D7B2 scan /tuner1 scan.log root# /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 1250D7B2 set /tuner1/channel auto:651000000 root# /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 1250D7B2 get /tuner1/streaminfo root# /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 1250D7B2 get /tuner1/program 190 root# /usr/bin/hdhomerun_config 1250D7B2 set /tuner1/target rtp://<wowza server public ip>:1935/TEST/hdhr root# echo $? root# 0
Ends without error buy doesn't work
This was a long shot but ....

Any ideas to do this.

Thanks !!!

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Re: Send stream from home to AWS EC2 instance

Postby jasonl » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:20 pm

HDHomeRun devices have a TTL of 3 set on outgoing video packets, as specified by DLNA standards. You will not be able to stream over the internet.

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