Emergency Alert Messages

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Emergency Alert Messages

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Cable systems in the US are required to support Emergency Alert Messages.

If watching Live TV, Emergency Alert Messages typically result in a forced channel change and/or a scrolling message on the screen. The cable provider can optionally request the viewer (ie Windows Media Center or your cable TV box) not allow channel changes until the alert is complete.

Emergency Alert Messages do not affect recordings, however some cable providers may add a scrolling alert message to the video stream.

The HDHomeRun PRIME is not involved with Emergency Alert Messages or how they are handled. The HDHomeRun PRIME does not change the channel or prevent channel changes. Any messages received from the cable system (emergency or normal housekeeping) are forwarded to Windows Media Center as per CableLabs requirements.

Cable providers are required to send a test the Emergency Alert System at least once a month. This usually happens in the middle of the night using a test priority so it doesn't get displayed to the user. In some cases the priority is set higher and will be seen if watching Live TV.

When using an XBox 360 for Live TV the XBox 360 may fail to return to the previous channel after the completion of the alert. This is a known problem with using an XBox 360 with Windows Media Center.

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