Can't find DVR recordings

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Can't find DVR recordings

Post by djc45 »

I have always had my HDHomerun DVD set to record to my 'WD MYCloud' over the network, and this has worked well, and I could access the recordings on my PC in File Explorer to copy to portable devices or other places.

However, perhaps since an update don't know, all my recordings still appear in the HDHomerun app and PC software, but they are no longer showing as files on my NAS. HDHomerun setup shows DVR as set to record to a NAS, but I can't find the files anywhere. I have a 4hour flight tomorrow, with no wi-fi and really wanted to copy some recent recordings over to my iPad to watch on the flight.

Clearly the recordings must be somewhere as they are listed and play inside the HDHomerun app, but I can't find them in Windows to copy them over.

Does anyone know how I can find the exact path of a recorded file.

I really appreciate any ideas or advice.

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Re: Can't find DVR recordings

Post by NedS »

/shares/Public/HDHomeRun/ ?

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