HD Homerun freezes (nearby lightning) - jph1589

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HD Homerun freezes (nearby lightning) - jph1589

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gtb wrote: Tue May 21, 2024 8:20 pm
jasonl wrote: Wed May 15, 2024 4:18 pm Lightning generates a lot of noise across a wide range of frequencies. TV broadcast signals handle this better than AM radio, where you can hear every lightning strike within like 100 miles, but if the noise is strong enough, it may briefly interfere with reception of the broadcast signals, resulting in data being missing or corrupted. Roku's video player does not handle missing/corrupt data very well and may exhibit a variety of symptoms when this happens, including crashing out of the app, reporting a malformed data error, or just stopping playback. Other devices tend to be much more resilient and will just have brief corruption before returning to normal.
I understand the "politics" of wanting to support ROKU, but can an *engineering* company (which SD has historically claimed it is) justify saying ROKU is anything more than a "tolerated" player, and not a "recommended" player?
I travel a lot and it seems the condos that I rent all have some form of ROKU. It is impossible to navigate and never leaves me with a good experience. No matter how much money they are saving, it just isnt worth it.

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Re: HD Homerun freezes (nearby lightning) - jph1589

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I have split your post off to a new thread...

>It is impossible to navigate

Can you please elaborate on this.

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