What's Your Favorite 3rd Party App and Why?

Help and support with third-party TV software.
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What's Your Favorite 3rd Party App and Why?

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I was an early supporter of HDHomerun what was probably a decade ago. My old Connect box eventually died from old age. I tried AirTV with Sling the last 2 years. It was never reliable. Just purchased a new DUO box.

What are your favorite 3rd party apps that can partner with HDHomerun? I am looking for something the bring all the many sources together into one source/guide/application. So far, I have tested ChannelsDVR. Is IPTV really the only way to bring all the channels together on one place? I see that there seems to be a limit to what channels are even available in that format as well.

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Re: What's Your Favorite 3rd Party App and Why?

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Remember that questions like this won't give you much of a statically valid response since users of third party apps don't tend to frequent this forum since the device itself is quite stable. You probably need to elaborate on what is wrong with Silicondust apps and what you mean when you say bring all "your channels together". You didn't even mention if you wanted a backend, where the backend would run (Windows, Linux, Mac, Docker, NAS) or what clients you might want.

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