PLEX Can No Longer See HDHR-US

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PLEX Can No Longer See HDHR-US

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I have a Gen1 HDHR-US which was previously discovered by, and used with PLEX media server. I used it to record much of the last Olympics. Unfortunately, their program guide had serious issues resulting in mis-matched and missed events. So I wound up disabling the PLEX DVR and reverted everything back to MythTV. The HDHR-US works great with MythTV as it always has.

I've decided I'd like to give PLEX DVR another go, but it now cannot even see the HDHR-US. The HDHR-US has the latest (20230505) firmware. I assumed it was a PLEX issue at first, but now I see that SiliconDust's own HomeRun app (AppleTV) also can no longer see the HDHR-US. I posted similarly under that forum. Has there been a change in the firmware that would cause this problem on both platforms?

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Re: PLEX Can No Longer See HDHR-US

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I am having the same issue with both of my tuners on Plex. I have been having many issues since the last Plex update. The Homerun app on Apple sees the tuners.

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