Channel Information ATSC3

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Channel Information ATSC3

Post by yurguis »

A while ago I started working in a project I had in mind. I started by trying to get as much info as possible from the stream. I made some progress until I could not continue working on it. Here is an example of the input and output.

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➜  php analyze.php http://hdhr-10a2b83c.local:5004/auto/ch545000000
PID: 8187 (0x1ffb)      2 packets
Transport Stream Id: 0637 (0x027d)
Channels: 1
Name    Number  Modulation      Freq    Program Service Type            Source Id
WLRN-HD 17.1    ATSC (8 VSB)    0       1       ATSC Digital Television 0x0001
Descriptor: Service Location Descriptor
PCR PID: 0x0031
Stream Type: 0x02 (MPEG-2 Video)        PID: 0x0031
Stream Type: 0x81 (ATSC AC-3 Audio)     PID: 0x0034     Lang: eng
I have some free time now and wanted to get similar information from ATSC3.0 channels, but I get the following error everytime:

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Failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable
Does anyone has any clue why I'm getting this error? These channels are DRM protected but I assume that basic channel information should be available like channel names, video format, etc.

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Re: Channel Information ATSC3

Post by jasonl »

The HTTP interface is intended for use by apps that are streaming video to watch or record, and therefore will return an error and close the connection if the channel cannot be streamed for some reason. You would need to tune using the hdhomerun_config command line program (or the libhdhomerun C library that it is based on) to get info for channels that cannot be streamed. Note that the audio and video data would not be available on a DRM channel, and any transport stream data you're extracting is not meaningful for any ATSC 3.0 broadcast, as ATSC 3.0 does not use transport streams. The HDHomeRun repackages the audio and video into a TS for compatibility with existing applications.

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Re: Channel Information ATSC3

Post by nickk »

Correction - the http and libhdhomerun streaming approaches will result in the same data for ATSC 3.0 channels - the issue is with using http.

The default output is a SPTS containing audio and video repackaged from the ATSC 3.0 broadcast. To get ATSC 3.0 information you need to have DEV features and you need to specify a lower level of delivery on the http request.

What ATSC 3.0 information are you interested in seeing/reporting?

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