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Win 7 VPN

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Sooo, my HOA from hell is terminating our bulk contract with my cablecard provider and ripping up the community to put in fiber Internet. My mom is closeby in a community that still has that provider, and I'm noodling around the idea of trying to locate a couple of silicondust hdhr3-cc's at her place. I know, a few extra coins to remove her 1.2TB data cap. But from what I've read, I'd need a VPN that allows my windows 7 media center systems to discover the devices at her place. If I'm wrong, if there's a way to do the 7mc setup and insert her external IP address in, please let me know. Otherwise, is there a windows 7 VPN solution that would allow my local 7MC systems to access the hdhr3-cc's at her place?

Thanks in advance for any advice. My advice, do whatever you can to avoid living in a COA or HOA.....

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Re: Win 7 VPN

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Windows Media Center handles the tuning directly, so doing it over VPN might not work because of the latency.

You also might want to contact the FCC and your state's public utility commission or attorney general's office if your HOA is refusing to let you choose a different provider. Exclusive contracts between video providers and MDUs/residential developments were banned back in 2007: ... multiple-1

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