LG webos HDHR isn't detecting my tuner

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LG webos HDHR isn't detecting my tuner

Post by feldman821 »

I just purchased the ATSC 3.0 Tuner (no DVR) and am setting it up for the first time on my LG TV (OLED77C1PUB). I have upgraded the tuner firmware and webos software to the latest.

I had no issues getting streams working on my macbook pro with HD Homerun app.

I have HD Homerun app installed via LG app store (version 2023012p). Even if I use the same cable that worked on my macbook pro, the tuner just isn't detected by my TV. It sits at "Unable to find HDHomeRun tuner on local network".

I took a wireshark capture to find any difference. With the macbook, launching the HDHR app triggers a broadcast message to port 65001, which seems to get responded to by the tuner. With the TV I see broadcasts to port 56700 and no responses.

I have the same results whether the TV is using wireless or wired (though both use the same vlan on my local network).

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Re: LG webos HDHR isn't detecting my tuner

Post by PinballMagic »

Yes! I have the same issue with a new LG 27LQ600S-WU, a 27" kitchen TV. I can successfully ping both the HD HomeRun device, and the LG TV on the same network (wired ethernet), but I get the following message when starting up the WebOS HD HomeRun app on the TV:

Version 20230123a
using webos api
Error fetching device(s)
No HDHomeRun devices detected.
No HDHomeRun devices found on the network; cannot continue

So, did SiliconDust develop the WebOS app? Or is LG responsible? SiliconDust shows beta apps for other OSs, but not WebOS.

I like the investigate feldman821 did with Wireshark. That seems like the kind of info needed to solve this. I just do not know who would be fixing the app. Or is there a list of supported TVs somehow embedded in the HDHR firmware that needs to be updated?

I am past my return date on the LG TV, so I hope this can be solved!


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Re: LG webos HDHR isn't detecting my tuner

Post by NedS »

How are your networks set up? Is everything on the same router, or are there wifi extenders, or mesh networking nodes?

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Re: LG webos HDHR isn't detecting my tuner

Post by sangley1 »

Yes I have the same issue. 2021 LG TV running HDHomeRun APP 2023012o shows No HDHomeRun devices found on the network. The 2021 Fire TV downstairs connected to the same network via wired connection and my iPad IOS (connected to the same network via WiFi) run their respective HDHomeRun apps perfectly and have no trouble finding the duo device. I have deleted and reloaded the LG App multiple times, no joy. The LG and duo are connected (hardwire) are using the same network switch.

Any troubleshooting or help would be appreciated. Thanks

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