ATSC 3.0: Phoenix - Jan 2021

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Phoenix - Jan 2021

Post by Bluehawk »

Fox is supposedly filming and broadcasting the Super Bowl in 4k. Does anyone know if channel KSAZ will broadcast the superbowl in 4K for Nextgen capable devices.

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Phoenix - Jan 2021

Post by bobchase »

In case you are wondering, Ch35 is off the air. They have had a transmitter exciter failure and are working on getting a loaner sent in.

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Phoenix - Jan 2021

Post by paulsaz »

Not really and ATSC 3.0 question, but has anyone else lost channel 44 and it's subs? I used to get it when it was Spanish Language, but now that it is part of AZ Family and has their new sports channel, I no longer receive the channel. I live at Tatum and Bell and get all of the other South Mountain Channels fine with my attic antenna. I have tried tuning with my Quattro and Flex, plus my TV tuner.

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