Apple TV App Problem with tvOS 16

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Apple TV App Problem with tvOS 16

Post by dwhyatt »

Since my Apple TV (x2) upgraded to tvOS 16.0, the HDHomeRun app is not able to play HD content smoothly, live or recorded. The video is jerky, and flashing frames appear out of sequence or just appear a solid colour like green. SD channels appear to be OK.

Other HDHomeRun apps on iOS 16.0 and Windows 11 are working fine. The device is a HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO.

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Re: Apple TV App Problem with tvOS 16

Post by nickk »

Which model of Apple TV? (Apple TV 4, Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K gen1, Apple TV 4K gen2)

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Re: Apple TV App Problem with tvOS 16

Post by turtle »

Just to add another datapoint, I have an Apple TV 4K Gen1. Recently updated to tvOS 16 and am getting the visual/audio stuttering as well but only on certain channels. For example, WBZ 4.1 exhibits this behavior but 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 (in a very limited sample) do not.

EDIT - Forgot to mention, this is an EXTEND model using fw 20220822. The same channels which are experiencing issues look fine on the iPhone app and Mac app.
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Re: Apple TV App Problem with tvOS 16

Post by dangergreen »

I am also experiencing this issue. On HD channels, it stutters / flickers / repeats. It is completely unwatchable.

I am using an Apple TV HD 4th gen with a Silicon Connect Duo, running the latest firmware - 20220822.
Have tried setting the Apple TV at both 50hz and 60hz, both at 1080p SDR. The Apple TV is connected to the Silicon Connect Duo via ethernet cable, and i have tried restarting everything including the Apple TV, the network switch, router and Silicon Connect Duo. I have also deleted and reinstalled the App on the Apple TV and have done a channel rescan on the Silicon Connect Duo.

It appears to work fine on my XBOX Series X and Winodws 11 PC, but not from the Apple TV.

I'm not sure if it's coincidence, but the issue seemed to start around the same time that the firmware was updated on the Silicon Connect Duo.
Possibly, the Apple TV OS also updated around the same time automatically, but I'm not certain of this.

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Re: Apple TV App Problem with tvOS 16

Post by jasonl »

We have confirmed that Apple broke hardware decoding of interlaced AVC channels in tvOS 16 and probably iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. The UK and Australia are definitely affected, and other regions that use similar encoding may be as well. App updates are in the works.

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