Extend 4K Model?

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Extend 4K Model?

Post by magoojr79 »

It has been several years now and there is still limited support for AC-4 audio on a lot of TV's and streaming devices. When I first cut the cord, I started with Plex running on a pretty weak NAS by todays standards, and wired up 4 HDHR Extends to an antenna in the attic. With this setup, we were able to get 70-80 OTA channels to all of our TV's and devices around the house and on the go. I'd happily pay more for an HDHR 4K tuner that had built-in audio or audio and video transcoding abilities, even if it were a two tuner model like the Extend.

Any chance there's enough demand for an Extend 4K model?

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Re: Extend 4K Model?

Post by jasonl »

We haven't seen enough demand for a transcoding device. There's also a very real risk that what demand does exist would largely disappear once someone gets around to finishing up an ffmpeg implementation of AC-4.

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