DRM encryption on broadcasting stations coming soon.

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DRM encryption on broadcasting stations coming soon.

Post by flattyler »

Well, we all saw this coming with broadcasters wanting to use drm encryption on their ATSC 3.0 transmissions this summer. We as HDHomeRun tuner owners have no worries as SiiliconDust is listed as a licensees on the website of interest, A3SA.com/licensees. I currently have a Flex and Connect 4K tuners that I purchased early last year and suspect there will be a proactive firmware update being released by SiliconDust very soon.
I was reading a lot of negativity regarding the purchase of an ATSC 3.0, but there shouldn't be any doubt that we will receive long term support for 3.0 by SiliconDust on their equipment.
Who will get left in the dust so to speak? Most likely Amazons Recast DVR. But others such as HDHomeRun, Tablo and select television manufactures will provide support needed through this transition.
Don't be caught up in all the hype, either you want to invest in the future of television or you don't. Do your due diligence and select the right device for your needs.
This is not rocket science folks, ATSC 3.0 is here and in our faces. Let's embrace its potential together and have fun doing so. Either join in and invest into the future of tv or just slap an antenna on your tv and call it good. Either way it's your choice, but use tact when discussing to others who are unfamiliar on how this all works. Basically don't take the fun out of something really cool as this is.

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Re: DRM encryption on broadcasting stations coming soon.

Post by SpencerC »

Silicon Dust hasn't been able to support DRM recording for years, what makes you think they suddenly will be able to do so?

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Re: DRM encryption on broadcasting stations coming soon.

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Confirming that we are A3SA licensees (ATSC 3.0 DRM). Support is in progress.

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