Feature Request: Add support for OSCam dvbapi

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Feature Request: Add support for OSCam dvbapi

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if there is a better way to submit feature requests for the HDHR firmware, please let me know.

I am curious if it is possible to add DVBAPI support in the firmware, to make the HDHomerun work directly with services like OSCam. The idea came up, when I was fiddling around with minisatip (source: github.com/catalinii/minisatip/blob/master/src/dvbapi.c).

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Re: Feature Request: Add support for OSCam dvbapi

Post by jasonl »

There was an open-source project years ago called dvbhdhomerun that basically served as a translator between the Linux DVB API and libhdhomerun. I assume it is no longer functional due to changes in the kernel or API over time, but an interested developer could potentially resurrect it and update it to work with current systems. I don't think it would be something we would be interested in doing in-house as my understanding is that the API requires some kernelspace components, which is completely pointless for a network device. It would make more sense to add native HDHomeRun support to that app.

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