How can I hide my HDHomerun from my 'smart' TV

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How can I hide my HDHomerun from my 'smart' TV

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My 'smart' TV - a Samsung - scans its ports and my home network to add devices to available Inputs. When you want to change Inputs, you press the Source button once for each device (only goes in one direction) until you get to the Input you want.
My problem is that the TV finds my HDHomeRun Prime and each tuner, adding four devices that I don't actually use on my TV, meaning I have tp press 4 additional times, Added to that: my TV Input is useless since I have Comcast which uses one HDMI for TV decoding. My TV doesn't seem to have a way of removing devices. (I'll try contacting Samsung, but I have not had great customer experience with them.)

So 5 out of 10 inputs are useless. Minor point, but it annoys the hell out of me.
Is there any way to hide my HDHomeRun Prime and its three tuners from my TV?

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Re: How can I hide my HDHomerun from my 'smart' TV

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The PRIME has a DLNA service which the Samsung TV can use - that is one of the inputs.
The PRIME has 3 DRI services (one for each tuner) which are required for WMC to work. These are not relevant to Samsung but Samsung seems to report them anyway.

I will run some tests here to see if there is any easy way to hide DRI services from the Samsung TV.


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