Channel insertion via 4K HDMI modulator?

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Channel insertion via 4K HDMI modulator?

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I want to take it a step further and tune into other devices in my household wirelessly.

If I were to put a HDMI channel insertion box between my antenna and the Flex 4k, theoretically, it would just show up as another broadcast channel displaying a PS5 or Apple TV 4K or whatever - (assuming a 4K modulator would only show up on one of the 4K tuners. 1080 modulators are a lot easier to find and way cheaper - I’ll probably do one of those too so I’m not restricting playback only to 4K capable displays throughout my house - just trying to keep things more simple for this post.)
Also, before anyone criticizes, Ive got other pieces in place to enable/disable HDCP.

Does anyone know how much of a video delay any model of these tuners adds?

The End Goal is: I want a whole home AV system without the need for any hard-lines.
- better than a ridiculous rack shelf and $50k worth of parts and labor. (They also sell you about $10k worth of completely unnecessary parts)
- CEC killed the need for a Crestron control processor. (Tv gets signal, Tv turns on. Turn off Tv, device turns off)

Yes, I’d already be using a Roku or Apple TV to the pull up my HDHomeRun app. However, I am over logging into every different app on every different device in my living room, bedroom, basement, my 3 kids’ rooms, 4 iPads, and 3 phones. (Feels ridiculous when I list them out like that, but I’m definitely not an outlier in this product line’s demographic).

This way, I could centralize one or two devices that everyone shares, ostensibly delete all the apps that are constantly logging themselves out from all their devices, and just let them access the one device that’s already logged in. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
This would also be a good application for viewing security cameras, a local FTP movie library, a chrome-cast dongle, or anything else that requires viewing media on a screen- which is basically everything.

Anyways, in my mind, it’s easier and there’s less guess work, if you guys just made a model that includes an HDMI input, either as an in-line, add-on adapter, or added this feature onto another product, like the FLEX 4K, but of course, as a new product.

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