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HD Radio OTA

Post by amcginness »

Would you consider adding HD Radio OTA ? One or two tuners with same ability to record to DVR would be great. Perhaps this feature would open a new market for you. Potential competition with home receivers and tuners.

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Re: HD Radio OTA

Post by jasonl »

It has been considered and isn't viable for a number of reasons, stupid licensing terms and nonexistent guide data among them.

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Re: HD Radio OTA

Post by pixelstuff »

jasonl wrote: Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:00 pm It has been considered and isn't viable for a number of reasons, stupid licensing terms and nonexistent guide data among them.
The title says HD Radio, but FM Radio might be just as interesting.

I'm not sure guide data would be necessary for FM radio just like it's not needed for tuning in from a car or wherever. For recordings just setup an old school DVR timer to record instantly with a countdown timer, or everyday at a certain time, or once a week, or 5 days a week, or just on weekends, etc. and let the user give the timer a custom name that you can user for the file name with the date and time tacked onto the end. If you were really ambitious you could also feed the Radio Data System (RDS) metadata into the description field in your file. If someone recorded an hour of music then the description might include a list of every song in the hour.

If your DVR software made all that metadata viewable and searchable, that would be pretty cool.

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Re: HD Radio OTA

Post by djp952 »

The problem with that is that analog FM radio is a completely different beast from digital TV. The HDHomeRun devices are simply not designed for this. Even if the tuners themselves can conceivably receive analog FM radio signals, these signals would need to be converted from analog to digital (ADC) and subsequently streamed to client devices in an acceptable format, like MP3. HD Radio isn't actually that much different in this regard, it's still an analog signal that needs to be converted and then subsequently decoded into something useful for client devices.

RDS is implemented as binary/digital data that can optionally be decoded from an otherwise analog FM radio signal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Data_System. There is no correlation between RDS and the metadata available with HD Radio.

Any current HDHomeRun device will never support radio signals. It's that simple.

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Re: HD Radio OTA

Post by shawn_75 »

I wish there were an API or SDK that would allow me to supply and audio stream to the SD DVR for it to record.

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