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UI Wish List

Post by aritafari »

New to HDHomeRun DVR and loving it.
I would like to propose the following:

A. Category for Un-Watched/New Recordings. Right now you have to open each show icon to see if there is a new recording.
Or, at least have an indicator on the icons as to the number of new recordings.
B. Ability to record shows on a Weekly or Weekday basis
C. Ability to set the number of recordings to keep (auto-deletions).

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Re: UI Wish List

Post by JDazell »

I'd like to propose a couple of changes.

1.) Now that there is a way to filter the on-screen channel guide for "Favorites" , can an option be added to SETTINGS
- so that the Start Up Page can be set to "Live" with a Filter choice? Like "Favorites" filter ON.

2.) Recordings. Is there any way to modify an existing recording task to change from "ALL" to "Current Season"? I realize that deleting and re-creating is the method now but ... really?

3.) Settings / Devices - It does display that an update is available but does not install. You still need to access the HDHomeRun Setup through Windows or access the device via IP to apply the update. Letting us know that an update is great, but can it be downloaded and applied here? Or at lease a link.

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