How do I control my frequent movie watching?

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Re: How do I control my frequent movie watching?

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I would try to look at what habits are leading you into that situation in the first place. Are you the kind of person that runs the TV for twelve hours a day as background noise without planning to watch anything? It is hard to speculate on the thousands of ways people can allow themselves to be distracted.

Personally I don't turn the TV on until I know I have time to watch something extended. Unless it is a truly live event, I only ever watch things after they have been recorded or show up on a VOD service like Hulu and Netflix. Even then I almost never use Hulu or Netflix to find something to watch. Instead, from a computer, I look for reviews of upcoming shows or movies, read their synopsis of why it's good and if it piques my interest, add it to the watchlist at whatever service hosts it. Later on when I set aside some watch time, then I pick through the watchlist.

If anything the 10 minute videos on Youtube are a bigger distraction to me than any long form TV show or movie. So even there most of the time I subscribe to channels I like and mostly just browse those subscriptions for anything new. Every once in a while I'll let myself browse the Youtube home page or sidebar to see whatever they are pushing.

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