HD Homerun Quatro - Buffering?

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HD Homerun Quatro - Buffering?

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Hi, I am trying to use my HD Homerun and it's becoming unbearable with Local TV (especially with NFL games on).

I have Antenna going into HD Homerun Quatro. Quatro hardwired straight to switch. Plex is picking up and broadcasting the tuner and I am streaming Plex on a hardwired PC. (ie. Everything is hardwired, no wifi).
As I watch Live TV, I keep getting the spinning icon randomly throughout my shows. It's becoming annoying. Here's some stats:

1) I know my server running plex is not underpowered. I am running a 10850K and have iGPU enabled. Transcoding is easy peasy with this CPU. Server is completely updated and has plenty of power.
2) I just discovered accessing my HD Homerun through the browser. I did decide to update the firmware (was running 2019 version - now I am on 20210624).
3) At the time of buffering, I am only using 1 of the 4 tuners. Earlier, I was using 2 but that's not usually the case.
4) As I was watching my local channel 5, I was monitoring "Tuner Status" on a separate screen. My Signal Strength was 97-99% the entire time, my Signal Quality was 100%, and my Symbol Quality was 100%. My streaming rate for this channel generally stuck between 10-14 Mbps. It stayed within these numbers the entire time watching. Then the buffering issue hit, I reloaded Tuner Status, all numbers stayed the same (in fact Sig Quality even hit 99%), but my streaming rate went to "None". It lasts for quite a while (10-20 seconds) before returning on its own. The System Log for the Quatro does not reflect any changes/activity when the buffering issue occurs.

I did select "Send Diagnostic Information" and this issue did occur after I checked the box. Device ID 10797F2C

Any assistance would be helpful.


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