DVB-T2 tuning issues

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DVB-T2 tuning issues

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Hello all,

I'm having problems tuning DVB-T2 channels in my HDHR5-4DT device.
First of all, I want to explain the situation about how my TV provider is broadcasting some TV channels.
The TV provider is broadcasting some of their channels in frequencies that are, let's say, out of europe standard.
It is using:
DVB-T2: 122, 130, 138, 146, 154, 162, 170, 178, 186, 194, 202, 210 MHz
DVB-T (out of standard): 330, 338, 346, 354, 362, 370, 378, 386, 394, 402, 410, 418, 426, 434, 442, 450, 458, 466 MHz
DVB-T: Frequencies in the standard

With this situation, it doesn't fit with channel mapping inside HDHR.
I tried to change the channel mapping to a custom one, but I didn't find a proper way to do it

- Small question: Is it possible to create a custom channel mapping?
I would like to have virtual channels and be able to watch these channels in the app.

To watch these channels I normally use the http api
e.g. http://DEADBEEF.local:5004/auto/ch434000000-2210
when I try to use it with DVB-T2 frequencies I am not able to use this method
e.g http://DEADBEEF.local:5004/auto/ch210000000-6120
I was checking in the web portal and i saw this


the Modulation Lock is set to none
Next step was to use hdhomerun_config to check the streams and see what is happening

hdhomerun_config DEADBEEF set /tuner0/channel auto:210000000

hdhomerun_config DEADBEEF get /tuner0/streaminfo
The answer was none

hdhomerun_config DEADBEEF set /tuner0/channel auto8t:210000000
The Answer:
6100: 0 Channel 1 (encrypted)
6110: 0 Channel 2
6120: 0 Channel 3
6130: 0 Channel 4
onid = Data2

hdhomerun_config DEADBEEF set /tuner0/program 6120
Observing it in web portal


The Modulation Lock is set to t8dvbt2

In conclusion, maybe something is not working as expected with http api or maybe I’m doing something wrong

Can you help me with this?

Thank you in advance


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