WMC 8.1 x64 cannot tune HDHomeRun PRIME channels after removing CableCARD (and rebuilding/rescanning/etc.)

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WMC 8.1 x64 cannot tune HDHomeRun PRIME channels after removing CableCARD (and rebuilding/rescanning/etc.)

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Firmware and drivers: 20210624

I was using my WMC 8.1 64-bit (and EPG 1-2-3) with an HDHomeRun PRIME with a CableCARD and a Connect DUO connected to an antenna. Everything was fine. I canceled cable TV and returned my CableCARD. I unplugged the PRIME because I thought I'd just use the antenna.

A week later, I realized my provider was broadcasting the major networks HD channels for free, so I reconnected the PRIME. Oddly, WMC seemed to have forgotten all about it.

I played around with a few things (upgraded the HDHomeRun drivers, changed signal type in HDHomeRun Setup from/to "CableCARD" to/from "Digital Cable"). Restarted the PRIME. Re-scanned tuners in WMC. (WMC's tuner scan required me to run the Digital Cable Advisor (DCA) which I did not even have installed, so I must not have run it before. Not sure why I suddenly had to. It failed, so I used the override script to force it to pass. The PC is relatively new and is certainly beefy enough to handle digital channels since it's been doing so for the past few years.)

Short story: I uninstalled and reinstalled the HDHomeRun drivers. I used HDHomeRun Setup to change the signal type back to "CableCARD". Then I used EPG123 to wipe the WMC database, rebuild it, and scan the tuners. Although WMC lists the channels on the PRIME, it still cannot tune them. When I use WMC's guide to tune one of the channels on the PRIME, the green LED blinks and WMC displays (basically), "There is no tuner for this station." (It tunes the Connect DUO fine.)

I can play the channel in VLC just fine, so this must be a WMC issue. I just can't think of what else to change/reset/restart.

Any thoughts on where to kick WMC?

What should the Signal Source in HDHomeRun Setup be set to for a PRIME without a CableCARD? "CableCARD" or "Digital Cable"?

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Re: WMC 8.1 x64 cannot tune HDHomeRun PRIME channels after removing CableCARD (and rebuilding/rescanning/etc.)

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You would use digital cable when you don't have a cablecard and most likely need to manually configure all/most channels in wmc as very rarely do scans work with clear qam. You may also need a tool to set up the channels if they use more than 3 digit subchannels as they only allow 3 digits to be entered and possibly pick up 4 digit ones in a scan but they can be 5 digits... you would most likely need to make sure to put the correct physical channel number in as your local 5.1 may be at 36.12345.

You may wish to do a scan on the device's lineup page and then change the .html to .json and add ?tuning to look at the frequency and program number (as I recall, you would need to convert the frequency to physical cable channel number) the url would look something like <ip-of-tuner>/lineup.json?tuning... alternatively you may wish to use config_gui to look at each physical channel and what unencrypted streams are on them to get a list as to what channels need to be added.

I would also tune a channel in vlc then tune it in wmc and if the tuner blinks as you described make notes in the log on what it actually tried to tune as typically I have seen this behavior when it tried to tune such at 5.1 rather than the 36.12345 the cable company uses but may have also been you switching it to cablecard rather than digital cable.

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